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As an innovator of digitally native, robotic-assisted surgical solutions with more than 25 years of experience working collaboratively with hospital executives and surgeons, Intuitive understands the importance of data and the role of digital transformation in healthcare. Intuitive systems, advanced technology, and integrated intelligence offer a unified ecosystem of connected products and services, providing enhanced capabilities, digital insights, and personalized learning.


It starts with a moment, an inflection point.

At Intuitive, we see a future where innovation helps physicians do more, for more people. Every day, we work to develop the systems, learning, services, and digital insights that will help bring healthcare boldly into the future.

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My Intuitive: The impact of leveraging data

For surgeons who use da Vinci X and Xi surgical systems, My Intuitive is your access to data insights. My Intuitive delivers procedure data through a mobile app synced to the surgeon console you’re using during a case.

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Intuitive Hub: Multiple ways to help. One unique platform

Intuitive Hub is an all-in-one platform allowing surgeons to capture, compile, and collaborate on surgical video.

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More than a robot in the OR

Building a highly structured, robotic-assisted surgery service line takes more than technology in an OR. It’s about an understanding and delivery of surgical excellence through phases of robotics program adoption and utilizing an Ecosystem of resources to impact the surgical program.

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Gary fireside chat

Listen to a fireside chat with Intuitive CEO Gary Guthart, Ph.D., as he talks about trends in minimally invasive care that enable continued innovations in lung cancer and other areas, as well as opportunities for earlier detection.

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Robots, Data and the Future of Care

Intuitive Vice President of Research Rich Mahoney talks about the impact of interactive robotic systems and their interface between the physical and digital worlds in the Wall Street Journal advertorial*, “Robots, Data and the Future of Care.”

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* Paid Program. The Wall Street Journal news organization was not involved in the creation of this content

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